Unfortunately at some point in your life you or someone you love may be involved in an accident causing injury. During this time you may be in need of a Personal Injury Lawyer to help you launch a personal injury claim.

There are many injuries that you are legally allowed to receive compensation for and navigating the insurance companies and legal system requires good professional help.

Hiring a knowledgeable attorney is the most important step in this process. Choosing between a mediocre Personal Injury Lawyer and a great Personal Injury Lawyer could mean choosing between a small settlement (or no settlement) and a large payout. It is very important to be thorough in your search (even when time is of the essence).

How do you find a great Personal Injury Lawyer?

  1. Start looking for an attorney right away. Don’t wait until your injuries are healed before taking legal action. If you are immobilized or too sick after your accident, have a family member or close friend do the work for you. For many personal injury cases there are specific time limits in which to file a claim and if you wait too long even a legitimate case can be quashed by the statute of limitation law. It also helps the lawyer to be able to build a case right from the beginning.
  2. Look for an attorney that specializes in the area of your injury.
    • Did a dog bite/maul you?
    • Were you in a car accident?
    • Did you slip and fall?
    • Is it a medical case?
    • Was it a drunk driving accident?

    There are many different areas of case law and injuries to deal with. You want the Personal Injury Lawyer who is the most knowledgeable in regards to your injury type.

  3. Once you have the names of lawyers who specialize in your particular injury make sure to visit each one’s website. Research their biographical information. Find out how many cases they have won and what the settlements were in those cases.
  4. Look for lawyers in your local area. They will have a better understanding of the law as it applies in your State or Province. If the accident occurred away from home then a local lawyer will be able to help you file your compensation claim correctly and you hire and attorney from there.
  5. Sit down face-to-face with all of your prospective Personal Injury Lawyers. This person will be representing you in court and sometimes in meetings with insurance companies. You need to feel confident in their abilities and have a personal rapport for the case to be as successful as possible. Reputable attorneys will give you a free consultation appointment.
  6. Find an attorney who will do the work on a contingency fee basis. This means they don’t get paid unless you do. The legal fees will be taken out of your final settlement.
  7. Hire a lawyer who is well respected by their peers. In Canada and the U.S. this means a good Martindale-Hubbell rating.
  8. Avoid ambulance chasers. These lawyers are all about small claim volume rather than solid, time consuming casework.
  9. Experience counts. Find out how many cases your potential attorney has handled.
  • How many did they settle?
  • How many went to court?
  • How many did they win/lose?