Workplace bullying is not an uncommon occurrence and if you are experiencing bullying at your workplace then there are several ways you can effectively deal with this. Dissimilar to bullies found in the playground, workplace bullies normally use words and actions to intimidate their victims rather than using their fists. Bullies found in workplaces may either be the boss or another employee, but the standard is no one should act in a way for no other purpose than to make another co-worker feel uncomfortable in the work place. If you are experiencing bullying in your workplace then you should consider speaking to someone in the human resources department for help in resolving the issue: However, remember they represent the company and not you. There is helpful advice available if you want to try to deal with the situation before you report it, but if you are being physically threatened do not waste a minute in alerting both your boss and the police.

If you are dealing with a workplace bully it is helpful to seek advice of a trusted mentor who may have had experience in the past with situations like these. They will be able to advise you on the best route to take in dealing with the situation. If it is possible, confronting the bully in a professional manner can be a way of resolving the problem, but only if you feel your physical safety is not at risk. When doing this remember not to sink to the bully’s level and stay as calm as possible and never yell or threaten. Bullies often thrive off threatening altercations so it is best to avoid that type of behaviour as to not encourage more. Also avoid crying or acts of weakness as this reaction is normally what the bully is after in the first place.

Avoid trying to win over other work colleagues to your side as the way in which you handle yourself in the situations will enable them to make judgement calls for themselves. Never let a bully intimidate you or make you feel bad about yourself, you need to be confident in yourself and your actions and never forget your worth. Always make sure you carry out your jobs at work to the best of your ability because a bully will target you if he/she thinks you are failing, so be above reproach. Also make sure your superiors are aware of your work standards, bullies will try and spread rumours that you are bad at your job, so prove that they are untrue by your actions.

In order to bring an end to a work place bully, you should gather evidence to show that you are being bullied before you make a complaint to your boss or human resources person. This will stop the bully from claiming there has been a misunderstanding. Keep all records and evidence that you have collected because often the only way to stop a bully is through a formal complaint.