Countless women and men throughout the United States are the victims of domestic violence on a regular basis. If the issue is not addressed, it can even cost the victim their life. Far too many people are living in fear. If you are a victim, it is time to take immediate action. The truth is many people do know their rights or how to resolve their situation. Calling the police may only temporarily solve the problem. But if you are dependent on an abusive partner, it can be a helpless feeling. It is important to understand domestic violence is never acceptable. One of the most effective legal solutions is to file a domestic violence injunction.

A domestic violence injunction is a court document that orders the abuser to refrain from physical violence or abusive behavior. It also gives victims the right to temporary child custody. Should the abuser violate a domestic fighting injunction, they can be arrested or legally removed from the premises. Unfortunately, too many victims of domestic fighting fail to take action because they are afraid of the drama and attention it could bring. However, there is no excuse for anyone to face constant danger from their spouse or partner. Here is a checklist of signs you may be eligible to file a domestic violence injunction.

  • Do you feel constant anxiety? If you are a frequent victim of domestic fighting, it is only natural to feel anxious. Simply walking into your home can make your heart race when you anticipate dealing with an abusive partner. Your home should be a safe sanctuary. You should never have to fear for your personal safety around your partner. If the abuse does not stop, swift action must be taken.
  • Does the violence ever stop? If you are constantly facing physical abuse, it is time to make a change. Too many victims justify the violence by thinking they are at fault. Not only is the victim being abused physically, they are also experiencing mental abuse. It is never acceptable to face the threat of violence on a daily or frequent basis. A domestic sadism injunction is an effective legal remedy to prevent the abuser from continuing this vicious cycle.
  • Are your children safe? It is every parent’s responsibility to provide safe living conditions for their children. But if your partner is physically abusing the kids, it is time to make them stop. A domestic sadism injunction not only removes the abuser from the home, it can also grant child custody to the victim.
  • Is your home safe? The last place you should ever feel in danger is your home. Yet, for thousands of women and men, their home is a living nightmare. Sometimes the level of violence can be so intense and frequent, victims almost become numb to the situation. Do not allow this to continue.
  • Are you able to communicate about your problem? Domestic violence can be an extremely uncomfortable topic to discuss for victims. Many feel shame and believe they are at fault. Communication is extremely important. Sometimes outside help is necessary to help resolve your issues.

When it comes to domestic violence, procrastination is never an option. If you are ready to file for a domestic violence injunction, discuss the situation with a family law attorney. They can help you take the first important step to resolving your problem and regaining your peace of mind.