If you are the recipient of unwanted attention from a stalker on Facebook it is possible to locate an identify that Facebook stalker. That is even if all of the information they used to create the account is fake and they only set up the account to harass you.

Believe it or not this is an extremely common problem and question. So in this article we will try to address this question and also offer some advice on how to deal with a Facebook Stalker.

Step 1.

Do not respond or reply to the stalker in any way. Do not acknowledge them.

Step 2.

Document all of the stalking activity. Take screen shots and download to a disk and also print out every message or comment directed at you or your friends. You can even use a video camera to record the online activity along with a personal narration.

Step 3.

Make a police report to your local police dept. Even if the stalker lives across the country make a report to your local police dept. They will refer you to federal police if necessary.

If they refuse to take a formal complaint insist on an incident report to document the offense.

Now if you followed every step and the police decline to investigate you can still go directly to court to get a restraining order prohibiting the stalker from making any contact with you.

The court will want you to prove who the stalker is but the judge will likely be very receptive to the evidence you can present. At this stage you should find a private investigator that has experience in Internet Stalking investigations. be sure to find one that is confident they can ID the stalker and has experience is recording and documenting his evidence and can provide a report supported by an affidavit that you can submit to the court.

Even if all of the information used to open the Facebook page is false it’s still possible to identify that person and supply enough proof to the court to get a restraining order against the stalker. You can also take that report back to the local police and make another attempt to get the police to make an arrest in your case. Overworked local police departments are more likely to open a case when they have the proof presented to them in a very professional report format.

At that point you can contact Facebook and ask they take down the offending site. You don’t want to offending material recorded and documented. You also want the offending Facebook page to be active so the private investigator you hire can make a positive identification.