Driving under the influence of alcohol can wreck more than just your car? It can literally wreck your entire life in Florida. If you injure someone while driving drunk, you are obviously going to be in a ton of trouble. You will have to pay hefty fines, lose your license and possibly even face some jail time. – And if you kill someone that will be something you will have to live with for the rest of your life.

In Florida, like most states, driving under the influence charges are taken very serious. Even if it’s your first offense, depending on alcohol levels and other factors, you may still face jail time and huge fines.

In some cases of first offense DUIs, a driver can plea down to a lesser charge like reckless driving. If a driver does this, then a DUI charge doesn’t necessarily end up on the driver’s record. With the help of a good attorney, the reckless driving conviction can be sealed. Which is huge. Reckless driving, although not a good charge obviously, still sounds a lot better than DUI.

The reason you never want a DUI is pretty obvious, but actually there’s a little more to it than just getting a DUI. If you get caught driving under the influence and are convicted of a DUI, it will go on your record forever in the state of Florida. The charge will stick with you which leads to other problems as your life carries on.

A DUI on your record can affect your employment, your credit, your ability to rent, your right to own a firearm and more. Habitual violators of driving under the influence can even lose their license for years at a time and may have to serve substantial time in jail.

For the most part, the only time you have a chance of avoiding a DUI going on your record after a drunk driving incident is with your first offense. If you receive a second one within five years of your first, that will be considered your second drunk driving offense and will lead to more serious consequences. – And with each sequential charge things only get worse.

So in short, you can’t get a DUI conviction expunged in the state of Florida. For the most part you can only get your first offense reduced to a lesser charge and sealed. If you are very lucky, certain factors like borderline illegal levels of alcohol at the time of arrest may help you. In cases like these, and with the help of a good attorney, you may be able to get the case thrown out.

Here’s a plan, never drink and drive. It can only lead to bad things; like fines, wrecks, injury, jail and even death. Stay safe and if you have any questions about DUI laws, always consult with an attorney.